Your yoga pants could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts! 

Wait! What?

Yep. The most comfortable pants ever created could be working against you. Unless, you’re actually doing yoga or some sort of exercise while you’re wearing ’em.

I used to wear yoga pants all the time.  I work primarily from home, so I could get away with it. Yoga pants were my daily uniform of choice unless I was going out or meeting with clients. And why not? They’re so comfortable and they look good, but after a couple of years of doing that, I realized living in my yoga pants wasn’t such a good idea after all.  Now, I reserve them for yoga and wear my jeans all the time.

Let me explain…...

Those yoga pants (or leggings or whatever your comfy, stretchy choice is when you’re at home, running errands or wearing on the job if you work in a casual environment) are very FORGIVING. You stretch – they stretch; which is pretty awesome. When you’re doing yoga or at the gym. However, when you expand – they expand right along with you. Which means – if you happen to pack on a few extra pounds, you might feel it and see it, but your yoga pants still fit. You can gain ten extra pounds and still be comfortable in the same size yoga or stretchy pants. As long as they still feel comfortable, you’re okay with it, but that can also be a sneaky little way of giving yourself permission to keep doing what you’re doing – overeating or skipping your daily workout. And to keep avoiding what you know you should do, but don’t want to do – like making healthier food choices or hitting the gym. You can just put on a long top or a big sweater to hide any bulges and great pair of shoes or boots still look good. You can fool yourself into believing you haven’t really put on that much weight and you can get away with it for quite awhile. But that’s how the weight keeps creeping on. Slowly but surely, until you wake up one sunny morning and want to wear something different – like a tank top and shorts or a bathing suit!

Then, you’ll be frustrated and wondering what the heck happened. And probably despising yourself for letting things go. 

Your jeans, however, and especially skinny jeans?  That’s a whole different story. They are UNFORGIVING. A bit of belly bloat or a few extra pounds and you’re on the bed, sucking in your stomach and trying to zip them up. Squeezing into a pair of jeans that don’t quite fit is no easy task. And even if you do manage to get them on, they’re so tight, you feel like you’re cutting off the circulation to whole lower half of your body. You grin and bear it for a few hours, but you can’t wait to TAKE THEM OFF! This is when you have to face facts and either work at fitting back into your jeans comfortably again or buy the bigger size.

A BIGGER size jeans? Let’s be honest.  We REALLY don’t want to do that!

I am going to share with you what I tell my female clients who want to lose weight or maintain the weight they’ve lost: Skip the yoga pants, stretchy leggings and exercise type pants- UNLESS you’re actually doing yoga or exercising! Put your jeans on. Do your household chores, your grocery shopping, cooking, whatever – in jeans. Wear them when you’re relaxing in front of TV at night and don’t change into something else until you’re actually ready to climb into bed! If your jeans feel too tight and you can’t breathe, bend, stretch or do what you normally do in a pair of jeans – that’s your sign. Time to cut back on some of the food you’re eating and especially snacks and treats, hit the gym, pop in an exercise DVD, take a walk or go do some yoga. Anything to feel comfortable in your jeans again! And when you do feel comfortable in them again – what a great feeling. That’s when you know your all your effort is paying off.

Skip the yoga pants! Wear the jeans.

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Yours in happiness, health and success,