Hey! Did you know…..

70 – 80% of your immune system is in your gut?


95% of your Serotonin – that’s your feel good, happy hormone – is made in your gut?

SO…..if you wrestle with any (or ALL) of THIS:

Low resistance to colds, viruses, the flu and everything else that comes down the pike (you’re always getting sick or feel like you’re always on the verge of getting sick)

Irregular mood swings or a case of unexplained blues that just won’t go away

Skin issues – dry patchy skin, itchy skin, breakouts

Erratic sleep patterns, can’t sleep or just plain tired ALL the time

Crazy cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods

Bloating, gas, pain, constipation or other digestive upsets after meals, MOST of the time or ALL of the time

Can’t maintain your weight, can’t lose weight, rapidly gaining a TON of weight and you can’t figure out why (you don’t REALLY think you’re eating THAT much to cause THAT much weight gain)

First, let me tell you, it’s not all in your head. And if you’ve gone to the doctor and he or she has been unable to come with any sort medical explanations or reasons why, you’re probably thinking it’s your imagination. Or maybe, you’re becoming a bit of a hypochondriac. All you know is you just don’t feel well. Something is off. And that’s making you feel worse!

It’s not your head. It’s your gut. Those are signs and symptoms of an unhealthy, imbalanced gut!

So, what should you do? 

If you’re suffering and you haven’t seen your doctor yet, you should schedule a visit. Just to be sure.  If you’ve been there, done that, and nothing came up, your gut could most likely use some special attention.

Why not take 7 days to work with me and learn how heal your gut and see if that helps? It might take more than 7 days for your gut to actually heal, but you’ll have the tools and info you need and you’ll be on the path to feeling better.

Even if there is a medical explanation or reason for your symptoms, there’s nothing I will tell you that your doctor will not approve of 100% because there isn’t a doctor in the world who would discourage you from trying to FEEL well by learning how to EAT well. He or she just doesn’t have the time to dedicate an entire week to getting into the details, showing you what to do, what to eat, answering your questions, etc.

Let’s get you feeling better by learning how to restore and balance your gut with food. It worked for me and hundreds of others. 

Find out more about my new 7 Day Heal Your Gut Program here.

Yours in Good Health,