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What about that New Years Resolution?

Like most people, you probably made a decision to get healthy, eat well and lose weight in 2017!  We’re almost four months into the New Year already, so how’s that going for you? If you’re still committed, good for you! If you’ve given up, let’s get you back on track. Quickly. Gently. Easily. And in a healthy way by eating REAL food. Start over again with a clean slate with my Cleanse Your Body, Mind & Soul program. Grab it NOW while it’s still available at my Happy New Year price  Learn more

You & Me. Together. Let’s Do This…..

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Well….you’ve been trying. Again and again and you’re successful for awhile; only to slip right back into your old habits and lifestyle again. It’s like a never ending roller coaster ride. The frustration. Disappointment. The guilt. The toll it’s taking on your body, mind and spirit. What kind of life is that? Maybe it’s time for a new and different approach with the support and personal attention from a dedicated coach who will actually listen to your specific needs, goals and concerns. A trained professional who will work with you and come up with a plan – not some cookie-cutter plan – a plan that works for you!  This could be the answer you’ve been searching for and exactly what you need to create your happiest, healthiest, most exciting life. You don’t have to do this alone! Learn more…

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Everything you need to begin creating a living a life you love! PLUS, easy, mouth-watering recipes you’ll definitely want to try. Find it all here.


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Tired of Plain, Old Boring Water?

Me, too!  Plain H2O can lose its appeal rather quickly!  It’s so boring and regardless of how essential water is for our health or weight loss efforts, if we’re bored with it, we’ll be tempted to reach for less than healthy alternatives to quench our thirst. Fruit-Infused Water to the Rescue! Easy. Delicious. Satisfying. Download your FREE Fruit-Infused Water recipe guide here.


Butter is Back and it’s Better than Ever!

I snapped this photo of a sign posted outside a cafe in Greenwich Village back in December. Butter is a Lifestyle!  I found that sign very amusing. I am happy butter is back and can be part of a healthy lifestyle. I've always used butter, except for the years when I...

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Choosing the Perfect Avocado

Funny, but true. You buy an avocado and it's either so ripe it's inedible or not ripe enough. So you patiently wait. For days. Only to discover your avocado is once again too ripe and inedible. Sooo frustrating. If you're going to be using an avocado within a day or...

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I didn’t even know how to boil water!

Cynthia is amazing! I went through a painful divorce after 18 years of marriage. I felt helpless and alone for the first time in years. I didn’t even know how to cook for myself, so I was eating out all the time, spending a fortune and gaining weight like crazy!  This went on for a couple of years. I couldn’t even think about dating because I felt unattractive and overweight. I met Cynthia at a party and we got to talking about our jobs. She was so passionate about what she did and right there and then she gave me a little lesson on how to stack my plate with better options from the buffet table. I knew I just had to work with her!  Not only did she teach me how to start making better choices when it came to food, she went above and beyond by accompanying me to the grocery store and teaching me how to shop. She even came to my apartment and gave me a few cooking classes. She helped me change my life. I lost all the weight I’d gained in about 6 months and I recently started dating again!  Thank you! Thank you!

Mark Phillips, Port Jefferson, NY


Who knew cooking and eating more meals at home was the solution to our weight problems?

As a busy Executive Assistant, commuting back and forth to Manhattan daily, cooking meals at home seemed like an impossible task. My husband and I ate out almost all the time. Breakfast. Lunch. And dinner. We were both gaining weight and spending so much money. I just happened to stumble upon Cynthia’s Free Meal Planning Guide, which was great, but I felt like I needed more hands-on assistance. Cynthia came right to our home. On Saturdays!  I couldn’t believe she was willing to work her schedule around ours. She taught us ways to find time, make time and save time. How to plan, prep, cook, shop and keep our pantry and fridge stocked so we always have something we can prepare for ourselves quickly and easily. I never thought it was possible, but we are actually cooking and enjoying more meals at home now. There are times we do go to restaurants or grab meals on the go, but Cynthia shared her some of her tricks of the trade and went with us to our favorite restaurant and taught us how to choose better, healthier options from the menu so we don’t have to worry about packing on the pounds! My husband and I lost combined total of 75 lbs in one year. Working with her was the best decision we ever made!

Diane Morello, Carle Place, NY

Executive Assistant

I was an unhealthy, overweight Vegan.

I’d made the decision to become Vegan years ago and at first, I felt great and lost weight, but after awhile, I was always feeling sick and tired. I was gaining weight, too, and couldn’t figure out why. I kept reading and hearing how everyone else was getting healthy and losing weight by going Vegan and I felt like such a failure.  My family, friends and even my doctor insisted I start eating meat and animal products again, but it went against everything I believed in my heart and soul.  I heard about Cynthia and Metamorphosis and what I loved was the convenience of working with her. I just couldn’t squeeze weekly face-to-face appointments into my already hectic schedule, but talking on the phone in the privacy of my own home? That I could do and she was so accommodating!  She and I discussed, in detail, my diet (which consisted of mostly processed, packaged, fake foods) and together we fine-tuned everything and found an eating plan that works. I was so afraid she would also try to convince me to stop being Vegan, but she didn’t. Instead she offered expert advice on living a plant-based lifestyle and her suggestions were simple and sensible. I feel better, look better and I am losing weight. I am forever thankful.

Kathy Albright, New York, NY

Retail Sales

I was so exhausted and stressed all the time. 

I didn’t come to Cynthia to lose weight or eat better. I already had a pretty good handle on that, but I was so tired and stressed all the time. We did talk about diet and particular foods to include or omit to help boost my energy levels and her suggestions really helped. Mainly, we worked together on managing my stress. How to include more relaxation and pleasure into my life. How to slow down and live in the moment. How to disengage from some of the things that were stressing me out. She taught me ways to schedule my mornings so they were less hectic and the importance of taking time to unwind at night so I could get a good night’s sleep. And she showed me how to incorporate a spiritual practice into my busy life, which was something I’d never thought about or knew I wanted or needed. Cynthia offered really simple, common-sense solutions that will work for anyone. I feel so much better.  More peaceful. More energetic. I’ve been transformed. I can’t thank her enough!

Karen Hecht, Manorville, NY

Graphic Designer