About Me

Hi! I’m Cynthia. I am a Certified Health and Wellness Consultant, life coach, business owner and entrepreneur on a mission to change lives!  Teaching others how to eat well is the foundation of my practice, but it doesn’t end there. Living a healthy, happy, successful, exciting life is more than just eating healthier or losing weight.  I teach clients my Five Senses Approach to better health and wellness, permanent weight loss, success and happiness. Everything we taste, see, hear, smell, and touch directly influences us; physically, emotionally and spiritually and will either enhance or inhibit our sense of well-being, our ability to fight sickness and disease, lose weight and keep it off, our mood and our attitude toward life. Obesity, most sickness and disease, fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, and even addiction are symptoms of a starving body, mind and spirit crying out for true nourishment. I firmly believe the majority of these issues and ailments currently plaguing so many, in epidemic proportions, can be alleviated or completely healed if we are dedicated to lifestyle change.

Learn more about my personal journey to better health and wellness here.

I received my training and credentials from The New York Institute of Technology, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health, The BodyMind Institute, Oasis Health Center for Healing, Education and Personal Growth and Kings College, London. In addition to my coaching practice, I am a certified reflexologist, a health coach for Purium Health Products, and a board certified member of The American Association for Drugless Practitioners.

I am passionate about helping others live the healthiest, happiest, most exciting lives imaginable. This isn’t just my job – it’s my life! I’m a kind, energetic and dedicated coach and companion and work with amazing men and women across the globe. My clients are successful because I offer practical advice, alternatives and solutions based on their individual needs, goals, concerns and lifestyles.  I also teach the importance of faith and a daily spiritual practice, self-love and acceptance, and that true happiness and success comes when our lives are dedicated to serving others. This is a very unique, but effective approach and I am willing to work with anyone totally committed to transforming their life.

In my spare time, I sing, dance, cook, enjoy live local music, practice yoga and write. I frequently contribute articles on health, wellness, weight loss, and successful living to  Diet to Go,  IBO and Linkedin. I am currently working on a Matcha Tea Workshop, so be sure to be on the look out for that. It will be a live streaming Facebook event, so if you can’t actually be there, you can still join in from any location. I am also active in raising awareness about the disease of addiction and the current heroin epidemic in our nation, and I donate a portion of my time and expertise to recovering addicts; teaching them how replenish and restore their bodies that have been so nutritionally depleted after years of addiction and abuse. I’m a bit of a nomad. During the winter months, I go back and forth between a small, but cozy apartment in the ‘burbs of New York and a house in the mountains of New England. Home is a boat on the bay during the spring and summer months.  Keep up with me by following on Facebook and Instagram.